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Root for the Phightin’ Phoenices to Roost in Arkansas

DATELINE MIRTHOLOGY — We, the Campus Welcoming Committee of the University of Arkansas System, would like to extend a hand or rather wing to our newest school, the University of Phoenix. As the UA System Board of Trustees has not yet voted on the adoption of this virtual campus, we might seem hasty. But this […]


Beaver Town Inn Blue-Ribbon Muffins

My Beloved and I were in our early 40s, married almost 5 years in late 1997. We had grown weary of our string of jobs, finance-data-training for her, newspaper editing for me. Let’s buy a bed-and-breakfast, we dreamed. No, let’s run someone’s B&B first and see if we like the life, we chose. I answered […]

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Just So Omelet

Just So Omelet is a story about eggs and flatbreads. Just So Stories was a collection for children by Rudyard Kipling. Rather than illuminate biology for children with facts, his were fanciful tales about, for example, how the elephant got its trunk. Here is a homemade version of Just Egg, the “plant-based scramble.” Just Eggs […]


Run a Tab on Tabbouleh

It was in the afternoon break between Yom Kippur services the other day when my stomach growled for tabbouleh after sundown. I usually hit a market on the way home for items to donate to a shelter (my congregation traditionally collects these at the end of the Day of Atonement), so I also gathered the […]

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Three Cheers for NEA — Ra Ra RA

UA Takes Its First Seat at NEA Convention By Ben Pollock, Local 965 secretary This report first was published in the July 2022 newsletter of UA-Fayetteville Education Association / Local 965. Lots of us this summer have had to consider both mass shootings and reproductive rights. I ended up diving headfirst into both over July […]

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Hmm, Diddle Diddle

And the dish ran away with the spoon. From the nursery rhyme “Banish all objects of lust, shut up all youth into the severest discipline that can be exercis’d in any hermitage, ye cannot make them chaste.” John Milton, “Areopagitica” (quoted by Ron Charles, The Washington Post Book Club, June 2022) A few years ago […]