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Obituary for Jan Soderstrom

Jan Carol Altman Soderstrom, of Winston-Salem, N.C., died April 7, 2021, at the age of 71, of cancer. She was born May 22, 1949, in Cincinnati, Ohio, to the late Howard Altman and Joanne M. Pollock. She was an educator. Jan was raised from early childhood in Fort Smith, Arkansas, by Joanne and Ben S. […]


French as in Red

My Beloved and I, on the far side of middle age, recall bottled French as a deep red and savory salad dressing, maybe a hint of sweetness. Groceries these days have moved French dressing below or way above eye level on shelves so it must be out of fashion. Those Frenches are way too sweet […]


Vanilla and Chocolate V’Ices

Given that ice cream, gelato, sorbet or even “nice cream” are indulgences, here is an alternate name. As nice cream usually refers to a banana-based treat, I’m going for “v’ice” — short for vegan ice. The vanilla mock ice cream is adapted from Silk’s recipe. The chocolate version is from King Arthur, which is based […]


Pando Pan Loaf

Years ago I did sourdough for a spell but moved to other recipes, ending up at the no-knead school. All the talk about sourdough baking during the 2020-21 novel coronavirus-2019 pandemic, and pockets of time from working at home, led me to return. King Arthur Flour has been my touchstone on sourdough this time out, […]

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Carrot Coneys

One food I didn’t miss when I went veg was the hot dog. But last Memorial Day I realized my error. My Beloved considers the store-bought vegan frankfurter a quick occasional lunch, heating a couple to go with a salad. Works for her, meh to me — until the American holiday when I bought some […]

Kook Cooks The Course of Words

Arse Recipes: Why Kook Cooks Writes

Or: Why Kook Cooks Is Written In recent years, more Bricks have been about food. Why? Brick started in 2003 as a continuation of themes of columns I’d written for newspapers — contemporary life, personal reflections, and local and national issues — oh, let’s call the last two politics. These self-published online columns have been […]