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AuthorBrick at its best is a Retro Metro Column. The rest of the time, Brick is a wordy blog.

Retro Metro refers to the tradition of print papers having one or more commentators prominent on a local news page — not the editorial page — several times a week.

Brick is independent, not affiliated with any commercial publication or other entity. Alas, the author sometimes is. Ben S. Pollock assumes readers of Brick can tell the difference.

This is the About the Author page. That’s Ben S. Pollock in black-and-white, an old column standing-hed mug shot. In mid-2016 he joined the University of Arkansas College of Education and Health Professions as its webmaster. Mr. Pollock, an Arkansas-based independent reporter, editor and web content manager, was 2012-16 director of media for the National Society of Newspaper Columnists, having been its 2010-12 president. He currently is treasurer of the NSNC Education Foundation. In 2014-15 he was the inaugural assistant director of the University of Arkansas Center for Ethics in Journalism. For more on Mr. Pollock, visit his Mirthology, a Loose Leaflet, the home page and way-back archives of the overall web site.

Acme Brick Co. sample

Note: This image of a brick wall used often in the website is provided courtesy of Acme Brick Co. This is not a random choice. Growing up in Fort Smith, Arkansas, acreage that included a clay quarry was on two sides of my house (situated on a cul de sac). It belonged to Acme Brick, and their kiln works was nearby. As a child, my friends and I explored that land; it included a horse pasture as well. The kiln has long closed, and I’m not sure about the quarry, but a retail brick store remains a block away

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