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0512 brick logoWhat is Brick and why do you call it that?

Two questions on one line? Very well. Brick is Ben Pollock’s blog, both collectively and singularly. Not bricks, brick wall, brick pile or load of bricks. It’s more one sheep two sheep.

Though tempted to call it one of my longtime standing heds: Mirthology or Loose Leaves, or the name of the Web site for which it stands, Mirthology, a Loose Leaflet, this fresh start demanded a fresh title. Yet, as the Internet proves no ideas are new, so a common object formed from common material is appropriate. Besides, since clay bricks are fired but not glazed, you may call this Brick half-baked as well.

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Why does date from November 2001 and Brick from December 2003?

Former: That’s when the domain name became available from whatever sharks hold URLs ransom. Latter, that’s when I figured out I could do an online journal. From late 2003 until February 2006, though, Brick comprised html pages on the Web site, uploaded via FTP. At first I didn’t know about blogging services, then it took awhile for me to see that was what I had been doing.

Why are most of the Brick entries so dang long?

1. I’m wordy; just ask my wife.
2. I’m used to writing 800-word newspaper columns.
3. Because these deliberately are columns (essays), not single jokes or blurb-length, passing comments. Usually.
4. Because I can, once I found a WordPress template that lends itself to longer pieces without those typical extra wide margins and a sliver of a center column. No pastels, either.

Woohoo: Here’s the Jeopardy “Lightning Round”:
Frequently Questioned Answers

Robert Benchley, Russell Baker, Erma Bombeck, Ring Lardner (Sr.), S.J. Perelman, James Thurber, Mike Royko, E.B. White, P.G. Wodehouse

Who are the favorite writers at Brick?


Why not?


Buzzzzzzz. Your answer should have been in the form of a question. Or is that the other way around?

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