Brick: Muse on News by Ben S. Pollock

Food Columns

Candidly, the recipes are posted for my convenience, from which to refer via iPad in the kitchen. All are vegetarian, nearly all vegan, aka plant-based whole-food PBWF and, especially the recent ones, low to no oil. I’m sure you’d like them, too.

  • Full Casserole on a Sheet
    One rule my wife and I have picked up for pot-luck suppers in our whole-food plant-based decade is “bring an entree.” We vegans seem to live on sides and salads, but in a communal room with a table of platters,… Read more: Full Casserole on a Sheet
  • Beaver Town Inn Blue-Ribbon Muffins
    My Beloved and I were in our early 40s, married almost 5 years in late 1997. We had grown weary of our string of jobs, finance-data-training for her, newspaper editing for me. Let’s buy a bed-and-breakfast, we dreamed. No, let’s… Read more: Beaver Town Inn Blue-Ribbon Muffins
  • Just So Omelet
    Just So Omelet is a story about eggs and flatbreads. Just So Stories was a collection for children by Rudyard Kipling. Rather than illuminate biology for children with facts, his were fanciful tales about, for example, how the elephant got… Read more: Just So Omelet
  • Run a Tab on Tabbouleh
    It was in the afternoon break between Yom Kippur services the other day when my stomach growled for tabbouleh after sundown. I usually hit a market on the way home for items to donate to a shelter (my congregation traditionally… Read more: Run a Tab on Tabbouleh
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