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Arse Recipes: Why Kook Cooks Writes

Or: Why Kook Cooks Is Written In recent years, more Bricks have been about food. Why? Brick started in 2003 as a continuation of themes of columns I’d written for newspapers — contemporary life, personal reflections, and local and national issues — oh, let’s call the last two politics. These self-published online columns have been […]


Musing on Muesli

This is for when you want a hot cereal that’s jazzed up but no extra trouble in the morning. That’s how I enjoy this muesli, at any rate. Muesli is, however, intended to be served cold, even though it’s mainly out-of-the-canister oats. Actually oatmeal, even the old-fashioned traditional sort, arrive in the grocery pre-cooked. Rolled […]


Don’t Buy the Ranch, Make It

To start with, oils are 14 grams of fat per Tablespoon, a standard amount, and that’s the same for any of them, olive, avocado, coconut, soybean. Conventional vinaigrettes are 2/3 oil and 1/3 acid, not counting salt and other flavorings. Even before I started eating really healthy, that seemed like too much oil. Mayonnaise, and […]

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Dough for Pizza

I’ve come to think about any dough can be made into pizza. A 10-14 oz. ball of bread dough will roll or press out to about 12 inches’ round, a conventional size that will feed 2-4 people, depending on the sides. “Will it be any good” is the question, and “all pizza is good” is […]

Technical Difficulties

Song about a Theme

Website design runs in waves, as it evolves toward greater simplicity and greater complexity, easier to use and easier to muck up. I’d rather call these fashions or trends, as sometimes they’re as much about the look as the functionality. Just like in clothing, if one doesn’t care to follow these year’s look closely, you […]

Main Courses

Dickinson Chili

The website Bad Manners has great, simple vegan recipes. I’ve alternated making my Mom’s Chili with a version of their Pumpkin Chili for cold-weather dinners for at least four years. So why “Dickinson” as the name for the adaptation? That’s the variety of winter squash used in canned pumpkin. This is a half-hour chili, not […]