Shy of a Load

At the Barbershop

Shy of a Load

Illustration of traditional barber poleIt’s December, and for a month I’ve avoided writing about the state of national politics. Other blog-columnists are doing a good job. I’d do fine, but I have nothing to add that’s different.

Until today?

Yes, as it’s not me opining. This is reporting.

I was at my barber’s this morning. He and I were talking about the latest pronouncement of GOP front-runner Donald Trump, that as president he’d prevent all foreign Muslims from entering the United States.

The next customer for the barber’s chair had this to day:

“I don’t like him, but I’d rather see a man like Trump as president than a woman like Hillary.”

Pulling down a stranger’s comment like this should be unusual, as I ought to be quoting my barber of 15 or so years. I have never done so, as he’s been a very good guy to me and it would violate my being a civilian in his chair. Otherwise, I’d quote him often. He’s eager to be nonstop outrageous except when he’s spot-on common-sense or clever.

On hearing this guy’s statement, Eric just looked at me with the corner of his left eye and sighed. I was leaving, and he was escorting the fellow to the shampoo sink. The guy was casually dressed in flannel and jeans, but better quality materials. There was a little gray among his sandy locks. He looked to be in his 40s.

• • •

My Facebook friends cover the gamut of my life, from grade school through senior year, college friends, Texas and Little Rock friends, and Northwest Arkansas friends. Also there are columnists from everywhere. They’re all over the map politically, economically and spiritually. None has said on Facebook he or she is supporting Trump.

Some of them must be: The mogul’s the front-runner for the conservatives. Is this sample uncomfortable to be out on Donald?

With this Shy of a Load series, I normally have several briefs linking to background stories, separated by dot-dot-dots, on the Web. Today, this soon-to-be barbered fellow just might be speaking for all those who incredibly support Donald Trump.

It’s clarifying.

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