Shy of a Load

Angela, We Have Heard on High

Time Magazine’s selection of German Chancellor Angela Merkel as 2015 Person of the Year is fascinating.. It shows the magazine still heeds that this award is not for popularity nor just for Yankees. It’s for the person who’s been, what, the biggest newsmaker of the calendar year.

Its cover story profiling Merkel proves the point. Not least interesting is that she has a Ph.D. in quantum chemistry. If there’s just two biographical bits that make her the kind of leader she has been, that’s one. The other is she grew up in the now-former East Germany. She understands that life.

The article is long but rewarding. To see the highlights, view the sidebar, “The 13 Most Surprising Things You Never Knew About Angela Merkel.” For ease click “View as List, as the default “View as Gallery” is a slideshow that you have to wait each time to open a page.

Germany has been fortunate to have such a strong, focused and clever leader this past decade.

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