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ASP Rejects Gun Ban for Tiddlywinks

Email from ASP Cpl. Lewis, 26 March 2018It’s time to go renegade. After all, I fought the law and last night the law won.

As manager, coach and occasional player in the University’s Tabletop Sports team, I had sought to continue the weapons ban at r’Asadinks Tiddlywinks Stadium, here in Office 248. The longstanding ban at school athletics facilities was turned into an annual permit request by 2017 legislation.

So on March 14 I requested a gun ban permit (Word doc), going by the rules set up by the Arkansas State Police for the new laws. The main law allows for firearms on campuses, concealed carry, if their owners have the accompanying new permit, enhanced, which refers to a few hours additional training for fending off active shooters.

My effort, described in the column “Stadium Security’s a Peach,” has been rejected.

This is the message emailed early Monday evening, March 26, 2018:

Mr. Pollock,
On review for this application, we found the attached application was not submitted by an authorized representative of the University.  All applications submitted for Firearm-Sensitive Area Designations on behalf of the institution must be made through the Chancellor’s Office, UAPD, the Office of General Counsel or another official designated by the University in writing to the Arkansas State Police.
If I can be of anymore assistance please let me know.
Thank You,
Sr. Cpl. Chuck Lewis

Sr. Cpl. Charles H. Lewis  #309
Arkansas State Police
Regulatory and Building Operations Division

The skybox section of r'Asadink Stadium. Equipment is stored below.
The skybox section of r’Asadink Stadium. Equipment is stored below.

I’m a coach. I can take rejection. (Why doesn’t Deep State U. ever invite us to play at their green felt arena?}

I am a coach. I fight back. At the risk of arrest, prosecution and punishment — well, depends on the sentence — the gun ban will continue here.

Sure, I could appeal, the corporal outlined the path, but my best chance was with the uniforms. Those suits will laugh me out of their ballpark.

Tabletop sports fans, if you think I’ll let you into r’Asadink Tiddlywinks Stadium, Home of University Tabletop Sports, packing anything but sports equipment, and drinks and snacks to share, you’re wrong. I’ll be near the door checking, as the security detail.

No part of the arena is more than 8 feet from the entrance so don’t try anything funny.

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