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Lightening Up

On my most recent big trip, I was struck by light­en­ing. Right, not light­ning. I walked hours through a city I did not know with my trusty lap­top car­rier. It was after a day­long con­fer­ence. Com­pared to most brief­cases, day packs or mes­sen­ger bags, the can­vas Domke Reporter’s Satchel is light­weight. After years of refining, […]

Thank You for Your Coverage

The defend­ers of our coun­try — Thank you for your ser­vice — must be made of tough stuff. That’s what mil­i­tary ser­vice means. Yet ele­ments of the media worry, pre­sume ser­vice per­son­nel and vet­er­ans have thin skins. “Garfield” on Vet­er­ans Day ran a rou­tine cat comic strip. Many comics just did their daily gag, though there’s […]

Taking a Constitutional

What hap­pens when a blog­ger, colum­nist or occa­sional writer daw­dles is the the topic either gets away, gets old or gets stolen. Hats off to col­league John Brum­mett. As of Nov. 2, Arkansas has three fresh amend­ments to the Arkansas Con­sti­tu­tion. That will make the 88th Amend­ment, 89th Amend­ment and 90th Amend­ment. I am bound […]

Over and Under

Colum­nist Stu Bykof­sky of the Philadel­phia Daily News, despite being quite the extro­vert, rarely finds him­self a news sub­ject. It’s because he’s first a jour­nal­ist, although with his in-your-face style, that might seem sur­pris­ing. This week, how­ever, Bykof­sky has landed in the cable yaks war, “yaks” being those chat-show hosts on the 24/7 news/comment channels, […]

Third Quarter II, Into the Fourth

The Brick book list with sketchy reviews, con­tin­ued. Book List through Octo­ber 2010 Sep­tem­ber 2010 Solar by Ian McE­wan. Book on CD. The novel by the pol­ished McE­wan got mixed reviews but I liked it. It’s a suc­cess­ful comic novel whose hero is bril­liant but a buf­foon, who wages a cyn­i­cal war against global warm­ing. The audiobook […]

It Takes Villages

Copy­right 2010 Ben S. Pol­lock Some­thing that’s amazed me my entire adult life is how lousy a pre­dic­tor child­hood is of adult suc­cess. Chil­dren reared with all the advan­tages, the lat­est psy­chol­ogy and/or con­sis­tent dis­ci­pline — turn out as any­thing from national lead­ers to rou­tinely sta­ble mid-levels to layabouts. Chil­dren born in abu­sive fam­i­lies or […]

Third Quarter, I

Four months ago, I entered here in Brick for the record a list of books I read or started to read, or heard or started to hear, for the entire year 2010, to date. You can stop here, this is just for me. There will be mini-reviews, though, for ref­er­ence later. I am not cre­at­ing hyperlinks. […]

The Future, Exactly

Copy­right 2010 Ben S. Pol­lock. “Today is your birth­day.” (This is the spe­cial sec­tion of the Daily News­pa­per Horo­scope. You remem­ber news­pa­pers — impar­tial facts, rea­soned com­men­tary, comics for the kid­dies, and a Zodiac that isn’t truth, com­ment or let’s face it healthy for chil­dren. Now more than ever, News­pa­pers Are the Future, espe­cially this […]

Heeeeere’s Bedtime

The most use­less habits can be the hard­est to break. The three most annoy­ing rou­tines have dwin­dled to one. None of them ever was harm­ful. For me, it was a curios­ity, why keep on, no plea­sure, not even any risk. The first silly habit I knocked off as an adult was to forego the comic strip […]

Begetting Books

It’s been some three decades since I last watched them do it, and I can’t quite repli­cate it. I wish I could mul­ti­task like my par­ents, who excelled at the feat before it had a name. There’s one round of activ­i­ties of theirs that I envy. They could read mys­ter­ies and nov­els (Mom) or thrillers and […]