Absence Makes Blogs Shorter

Brick has been sporadic for some weeks. With luck, it will be more active in December.

National Novel Writing Month
National Novel Writing Month

Want an excuse? How about National Novel Writing Month. It’s 50,000 words to create a first draft of a novel (around a 200-page book) in 30 days. November is the one. My third try, and I went past 50,000 by midnight Nov. 30. It contains parts that might work as a beginning, climaxes and conclusions for the end, and scene upon scene to fill the middle. It will take another year or three to revise it to where I could show a savvy friend. The surprise for me is that I thought I’d be creating characters from people I know, but the cast is amazingly fictional.

So that explains November. What about only 10 postings in six months? There’s explanations and excuses. But why not look forward? Besides, my self-editing prevented real junk from littering the shoulder of the Information Highway. Even if that never bothers other people.

Isn’t that always the case on the road?

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