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Mallets Reforethought

The story of the June 14, 1986, cro­quet match played by for­mer Arkansas Attor­ney Gen­eral Steve Clark was so mem­o­rable to me I did not bother to check the facts when I sum­ma­rized it last week. I had doc­u­ments, I kept them in a file — a real manila paper folder, not an icon on […]

Hey, Sweetie

As a young­ster from the South, I thought cane sugar was the only kind there was. Then, four years at a Cal­i­for­nia uni­ver­sity didn’t change that. The Safe­ways of the area sold cane sugar in 5 and 10 pound sacks. In my first job, a news pro­ducer at KFJMFM and KFJM-AM, Pub­lic Radio for the Upper […]

Green Machines

Hands up for all who’ll be watch­ing any bit of the national party con­ven­tions. Yes, I’ll avoid it, too. None of them has been on the excite­ment level even of a State of the Union address. If there’s some­thing huge, a stu­pen­dous announce­ment, or an election-risking gaffe, con­ven­tions or pres­i­den­tial addresses are rebroad­cast so often […]

A Little Magazine

For decades, The New Yorker arrived 52 weeks a year, on the same day, must’ve been Tues­day, in Mom and Dad’s mail­box in Fort Smith. Rarely, it came on Wednes­day. A lit­tle while before it dropped to 47 issues annu­ally, the reg­u­lar day ended, annoy­ing Mom to no end. It might be at the bookstore […]

Mallets Aforethought

Copy­right 2008 Ben S. Pol­lock The race for mayor of Fayet­teville seems to have a full ros­ter although the fil­ing period is Aug. 6–26. A sur­prise can­di­date or two would be wel­come, espe­cially if they’re capa­ble sorts. All of the announced can­di­dates could be com­pe­tent. While this is no endorse­ment — though a pooh-bah I […]

Roger That 404

When you click from one Inter­net page to another and you get a mes­sage say­ing “we were unable to find” it, some­times includ­ing the phrase Error 404, there’s a prob­lem, Hous­ton. Brick is hav­ing just that issue. Please bear with me, and Word­Press, while I try to fig­ure it out, or get them to fix […]

Three School Monte

Copy­right 2008 Ben S. Pol­lock DATELINE MIRTHOLOGY — With a maneu­ver some describe as canny, the Green­land School Dis­trict annexed Fayet­teville Pub­lic Schools, offi­cials with both announced Wednes­day morn­ing. The new body will be called the Greater Green­land School Dis­trict and will use the facil­i­ties and per­son­nel of both. Thus, three high schools will educate […]

Callback Around Every Corner

Span­ning the globe to bring you the con­stant vari­ety of sports … the thrill of vic­tory … and the agony of defeat … the human drama of ath­letic com­pe­ti­tion. … This is ABC’s Wide World of Sports!“ – Stan­ley Ralph Ross, famously intoned by recently deceased Jim McKay. Copy­right 2008 Ben S. Pol­lock II of II The […]

Living in Boxes

Copy­right 2008 Ben S. Pol­lock I of II Decades never start on a zero or one and never end on a nine or zero (depend­ing on how you count). The 1960s, for exam­ple, was (not were) approx­i­mately 1967 to 1974. Begin­ning in my 20s — which started when I was 22, the week after I grad­u­ated from […]

Arson Wells

Book report: An Arsonist’s Guide to Writ­ers’ Homes in New Eng­land, by Brock Clarke Pan­ning a novel that I devoured in 50– to 80-page chunks approaches being disin­gen­u­ous. Per­haps an An Arsonist’s Guide, released in fall 2007 to over­all glow­ing reviews (though read­ers on gave it only three of five stars), amused me even […]