Monthly Archives: December 2006

Maybe a Big Clue

Lots of print pub­li­ca­tions remain con­fused on how to inte­grate the Inter­net most effec­tively. Even after a good decade of fantastic-yet-narrowing options, good ideas seem elu­sive. Then, there’s Gordo: I think a lot of tra­di­tional news­pa­per pub­lish­ers say, ‘Wouldn’t it be great if one day we make as much money on our Web sites as […]

Wal-Mart takes Liberty Bell to Arkansas

Copy­right 2006 Ben S. Pol­lock A DISSOCIATED PRESS PHILADELPHIA — The Lib­erty Bell is mov­ing to America’s heart­land, specif­i­cally Ben­tonville, Ark., the National Park Ser­vice has announced. The bell, one of the nation’s most promi­nent trea­sures, will be a per­ma­nent exhibit in the sculp­ture gar­den of the planned Crys­tal Bridges Museum of Amer­i­can Art. Park […]

Stone Not Stoned

Just to be self-referential, to refer to some­thing I’ve pub­lished else­where, here is my review of the new biog­ra­phy of icon­o­clast com­men­ta­tor I.F. Stone. (No, not self-reverential.) Read­ing other reviews is very inter­est­ing. Essen­tially all the majors come in already lik­ing or hat­ing Stone, and that col­ors their write-ups. At least one is a fan […]

Half staff is half mast

(… unless the old sailor or old sol­dier gets insulted then you never for­get that here in land­locked Arkansas it’s always half staff) Sev­eral Amer­i­can flags in the town of Low­ell, home of the head­quar­ters of J.B. Hunt Trans­port Ser­vices, have been fly­ing half staff the last few days. Of note are two: the North­west Arkansas […]

Elements of Life

On Wednes­day, a promi­nent farmer’s house caught fire (here and here). He and his wife got out, due to smoke detec­tors wak­ing them, but he went back in. He didn’t leave. On Thurs­day, truck­ing mag­nate J.B. Hunt died, sev­eral days after slip­ping on ice out­side his home (here and here). Now, both were men up […]

Take Five, and Five More

It’s not that I see a lot of con­certs. I don’t. So in the con­text of rel­a­tive superla­tives let it be hence­forth: Sunday’s con­cert of the Dave Brubeck Quar­tet fol­lowed by the Ram­sey Lewis Trio was the best jazz con­cert I have ever seen. This includes see­ing Mr. Brubeck in Lit­tle Rock in 1993, ’94 and […]