Monthly Archives: November 2006

Boredom Made Boring

Copy­right 2006 Ben S. Pol­lock I dreamed I was in a con­ver­sa­tion with a few younger peo­ple from the office, none of them the real peo­ple in my real office. I was say­ing to them some­thing (in real­ity) that I have said many times over the years (and they lis­tened, prov­ing it a dream): “I couldn’t […]

Goodwill Gesture

The incom­ing pres­i­dent of the Chris­t­ian Coali­tion has agreed to with­draw. The Rev. Joel Hunter of North­land Church in Long­land, Fla., accord­ing to news reports, wanted to expand aims of the political-evangelical group to include mat­ters such as poverty and the envi­ron­ment, but the coali­tion prefers to stay focused on issues like abor­tion and same-sex […]


Rented a DVD for the other night. Per­fect for blue-staters. Well-made movie. It’s called Reds. –30–

This is a busk

No hound­ing of the buskervilles. We have a word for it: busk­ing. It’s the prac­tice of a musi­cian (maybe a duet or trio) per­form­ing on a street cor­ner, with a hat or open instru­ment case right there, for tips. Towns try­ing to encour­age tourism often encour­age busk­ing, until shop­keep­ers get annoyed. Above my standup desk […]

You, you, you

That is sooo infan­tile.” That is some­thing said to a non-infant. It may be descrip­tive, but the pur­pose is to shame the per­son into not doing what is being labeled infan­tile again. As a sham­ing device, it works. OK, it does not work on me pre­cisely, but it slows me down. Is the act infan­tile? No, […]

You Don’t Say

Two peo­ple on Thurs­day asked me the same ques­tion, not just topic but exact words. If I had a more pub­lic job — not a computer-glazed copy edi­tor — or had more friends with whom I had more fre­quent con­tact, get­ting the same ques­tion twice in one day might be less sur­pris­ing. This was odd. So, […]

Hey, Miss Nancy

A mes­sage to Rep. Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif.: Dear Madame Speaker to Be: Good going! How you guys play this can make the dif­fer­ence in 2008, not to men­tion sta­bil­ity, peace and kind­ness rekin­dling before then. Don’t eff it up. –30–

As Perfect as It Gets

It wasn’t even all planned but my birth­day today had an aston­ish­ing num­ber of things going right. I’m still glow­ing. I had the day off. No big deal. Mon­days and Tues­days are my usual week­end. So I slept late. No big deal. I go to work at 3 p.m. so seven days a week my […]