Epilogue, or a Look Ahead

DETROIT — Automatic soap dispensers were in restrooms of a number of stops throughout this trip, including Detroit’s airport in general and its Northwest Airlines World Club in particular. Does everything have to be automatic, run by an infrared electric eye? This one is particularly wasteful; a number of times I’d rinse the automatic gel off my hands then my elbow would get spritzed with more.

(We purchased a temporary membership in the World Club due to more than eight hours in layovers going and coming. Add up what we would have run up in magazine purchases and terminal restaurants, and it would have been close. This was wonderful. She read, and I worked on my notes that comprise the Boston Blotter.)

Northwest Airlines got us back to Arkansas close to our original reservations, unlike what is posted on June 25. In boarding the flight out of Boston’s Logan airport, we learned neither of our carry-ons of could be carried on this type of plane; they would not fit in the overhead. They were fine on the Northwest jets coming up. I took both suitcases up front, showed the flight attendant my boarding pass and itinerary so she write the necessary info on the baggage claim ticket.

Flight attendant, examining my papers: “Sir, what’s the abbreviation for ‘Northwest Arkansas Regional’?”

It’s on several of the documents I show her. -30-

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