Monthly Archives: July 2005

The Dickens with Harry Potter

Copy­right 2005 Ben S. Pol­lock Wednes­day, July 27, 2005. Three cheers for Harry Pot­ter and his inven­tor. J.K. Rowl­ing may well be this generation’s Dick­ens. I’m not say­ing she is a per­fect nov­el­ist or sto­ry­teller, although yes I am imply­ing Dick­ens can be dif­fi­cult, especially140 years later. But enough about Chuck. The Harry Pot­ter series remains […]

Can’t get no (Supreme Court action)

Copy­right 2005 Ben S. Pol­lock Thurs­day, July 21, 2005. When we say the pres­i­dent names a nom­i­nee who then gets the appoint­ment fol­low­ing the advice and con­sent of the Sen­ate, we mean every­one from the Cab­i­net and a few top Exec­u­tive Branch posi­tions to all the fed­eral judges. So far as those who work in […]

Rent: Closer than the show

Copy­right 2005 Ben S. Pol­lock Mon­day, July 18, 2005. Some Rogers offi­cials are get­ting ner­vous about the growth of apart­ments in their fair city. They are can­did enough to worry aloud about any result­ing increase in crime, not to men­tion increase in poorer peo­ple and lower sur­round­ing prop­erty val­ues. If I were just to discuss […]

How you get there

Copy­right 2005 Ben S. Pol­lock Fri­day, July 15, 2005. It would take some nerve to call myself an avid bicy­clist. I pedal more than most, and a lot less than oth­ers. I biked for fun and for com­mut­ing as a teenager, even though I could bor­row Mom’s Bee­tle almost when­ever I wanted. I liked the […]

A block is not a brick

Copy­right 2005 Ben S. Pol­lock Wednes­day, July 13, 2005. So what I do is just admit my fear. Look at this gap in time: days since the last Brick, feels like a month. Why? A lack of top­ics as well as a lack of opin­ions? No. It was the feel­ing of a block. It came […]

Shhh: Fight Club

Copy­right 2005 Ben S. Pol­lock Sun­day, July 10, 2005. A few days ago I fin­ished “Fight Club,” by Chuck Palah­niuk, and now have seen the DVD. I’ve been danc­ing around read­ing more of this extra­or­di­nary writer since he was inter­viewed on NPR, mock­ing their style more acutely than some­thing on “The Daily Show with Jon […]

No trash cans in London

Copy­right 2005 Ben S. Pol­lock Thurs­day, July 7, 2005: No need to add exces­sive ver­biage about the Lon­don mass-transit attacks. Suf­fice it to say that Amer­ica shouldn’t for­get the Madrid attacks, which have been scarcely men­tioned in the news media today. This sort of ter­ror­ism has an evening effect. Whether it is thou­sands killed in the […]

Can’t see the lights

Copy­right 2005 Ben S. Pol­lock Tues­day, July 5, 2005: For a few weeks, news­pa­per house ads and broad­cast pub­lic ser­vice announce­ments have pro­claimed that the city of Fayet­teville would host a Fourth of July cel­e­bra­tion at Baum Sta­dium of the Uni­ver­sity of Arkansas. It would suc­ceed the ones held for years at the local mall. […]

Auld friends

Copy­right 2005 Ben S. Pol­lock Sun­day, July 3, 2005: Sev­eral times a year I do a book report, oops, a book review (I am a grown-up), for the paper. This last one, cri­tiquing the first full bio­graph­i­cal treat­ment of poet Ogden Nash, brought out a cou­ple of e-mails from old friends who had to put […]

Lead the press to water

Copy­right 2005 Ben S. Pol­lock Fri­day, July 1, 2005: In this morning’s papers, we read again of local offi­cials ask­ing peo­ple to infor­mally not waste water, before con­ser­va­tion steps are ordered. Again, they say there is no short­age, just that it’s sum­mer and yada, yada, yada. In pre­vi­ous sum­mers, though, there have been no mum­mers like […]