Monthly Archives: May 2005

Exhibit your museum

Copy­right 2005 Ben S. Pol­lock Fri­day, May 27, 2005: Here are a few tips on how to enjoy hav­ing a major museum in your area. This is advice for locals. Tourists, get on the Web or con­tact AAA; this isn’t for you. Bentonville’s com­ing Crys­tal Bridges Museum of Amer­i­can Art (isn’t it nice that for a […]

Sell us your huddled masterpieces

Copy­right 2005 Ben S. Pol­lock Tues­day, May 24, 2005: A Brick about Crys­tal Bridges Museum of Amer­i­can Art. Last Mon­day, Wal-Mart’s Alice Wal­ton announced she and also her family’s foun­da­tion would build a museum sur­rounded by a park near down­town Ben­tonville, Arkansas, her com­pa­nies’ head­quar­ters. There was a clue about this a cou­ple of weeks […]

Koran in a barrel

Copy­right 2005 Ben S. Pol­lock Sun­day, May 22, 2005. So … if the Inter­na­tional Red Cross says some Amer­i­cans in some way des­e­crated the Koran in front of Iraqis, Afghans or other Mus­lims (with com­pa­ra­ble inci­dents already reported months ago as part of the Abu Ghraib ini­tial and follow-up reports — and now some­how forgotten) […]

Muffle that rumble

Copy­right 2005 Ben S. Pol­lock Fri­day, May 20, 2005. Con­densed from Fayetteville’s North­west Arkansas Times this morn­ing (or read whole arti­cle): “Mayor Dan Coody wants atten­dees of Bikes, Blues and BBQ to ride qui­etly, a sen­ti­ment shared by the festival’s board of direc­tors. ‘We encour­age every­one to be quiet,’ said Richard Wat­son, chair­man of the […]

Leash life

Copy­right 2005 Ben S. Pol­lock Wednes­day, May 18, 2005: Instead of speak­ing out of turn, here is a Brick. While sketch­ing with some oth­ers in Gul­ley Park at twi­light, a fam­ily approached: a mom, two boys and a dog teth­ered to one of the kids. Intel­li­gent kids, you could tell. The dog had a long lead […]

Equal footing, midair

Copy­right 2005 Ben S. Pol­lock Mon­day, May 16, 2005: I keep for­get­ting to enjoy the new Fayet­teville Pub­lic Library. My usual habit is to hit the 10-minute curb park­ing and go in long enough for the book I had put on hold via the Inter­net or to choose a fresh book-on-CD. The new build­ing though […]

Zzzz, om, zzzz

Copy­right 2005 Ben S. Pol­lock Sat­ur­day, May 14, 2005: Note to self: There’s many ways to med­i­tate, nec­es­sary when work­ing an evening shift but want to enjoy the day­times then need to re-fresh before going in: Med­i­ta­tion is first, because there it is. A 20–45 minute nap accom­plishes about the same thing. Sleep experts say no more […]

Bushy eyebrows

Copy­right 2005 Ben S. Pol­lock Thurs­day, May 12, 2005: The Sen­ate For­eign Rela­tions Com­mit­tee and the whole body should con­firm the nom­i­na­tion of cranky John Bolton as U.S. ambas­sador to the United Nations. Come­di­ans and humorists need easy mate­r­ial. Not to men­tion car­toon­ists. –30–

Confusing the issue

Copy­right 2005 Ben S. Pol­lock Wednes­day, May 11, 2005: Morn­ing after a local mill­age elec­tion. The Fayet­teville Pub­lic Schools lost its request for a prop­erty tax increase of 43 mills. This is one Arkansas town that doesn’t hate tax increases. What was wrong with this one? The things this one would fund were thor­oughly dis­cussed in […]

Mother’s Day 2005

Copy­right 2005 Ben S. Pol­lock Sun­day, May 8, 2005: An ode to Mother’s Day. It’s the first one since Mom passed last Novem­ber. I’ve started read­ing a new, and per­haps the only so far, full biog­ra­phy of Ogden Nash. Here is a lede that won’t work in my even­tual news­pa­per review of it: It’s more […]