Monthly Archives: July 2004

Separation of church, press

Con­sti­tu­tional sep­a­ra­tion of church and press Copy­right 2004 Ben S. Pol­lock Mon­day, July 26, 2004: I want to toss an endorse­ment to the defense of the First Bap­tist Church of Spring­dale and its senior pas­tor, Ron­nie Floyd. An self-proclaimed do-gooder group is try­ing to sic the IRS against them, cit­ing church-state sep­a­ra­tion, because Floyd in a […]

Agora sweater

Look­ing good in an agora sweater Copy­right 2004 Ben S. Pol­lock Mon­day, July 19, 2004: I raised a some­what com­plex ques­tion in my pre­vi­ous essay. I’ve thought more, and I have a rough answer. The nature of a Web log such as Brick, how­ever, is that it puts the newest mate­r­ial first. It’s Jeop­ardy: Here’s […]

Need to void

Copy­right 2004 Ben S. Pol­lock Fri­day, July 16, 2004: I see it as a void, a vac­uum that nature abhors, that will be filled no mat­ter what. Its name I don’t know: Maybe it’s so obvi­ous I can­not pin it down. If so, I hope it is not trite, like, “Life, kid.” It is the […]

Honor the honorable

Copy­right 2004 Ben S. Pol­lock Mon­day, July 12, 2004: A pro­posal. Ear­lier this month, Carl Tote­meier died. Didn’t know him though stopped at his stand at the Fayet­teville Farmer’s Mar­ket some­times. He sold plants. In his retire­ment, he moved to North­west Arkansas, but con­tin­ued with his pro­fes­sion of hor­ti­cul­ture and writ­ing about that field. [Link […]

Loosen up, Kerry

Copy­right 2004 Ben S. Pol­lock Fri­day, July 9, 2004. Here’s how Johns Kerry and Edwards can win big in Novem­ber. This is also how they can lose, as it’s the same trick. Kerry and Edwards in a pub­lic forum do a cheer/yell like the one that cost Howard Dean his chance. In my fantasy’s ideal, this […]

Nyuk nyuk nyuk Palahniuk

Copy­right 2004 Ben S. Pol­lock July 5–6, 2004 July 6, 2004. Adden­dum to the 7/5 Brick below: I down­loaded the Palah­niuk inter­view and lis­tened to it twice. The NPR reporter did open her piece with a warn­ing that the writer spoke provoca­tively and that some com­ments were edited out. Sorry to miss those, because he was […]

No blue-light special

Not a blue-light spe­cial Copy­right 2004 Ben S. Pol­lock Thurs­day, July 1, 2004. Again prov­ing my per­sonal the­ory about Wal-Mart Stores Inc. is this week’s news about the Spring­dale Sam’s Club seek­ing a a per­mit for pack­age liquor sales. Oh, the the­ory is that Wal-Mart is con­ser­v­a­tive eco­nom­i­cally, not polit­i­cally or the­o­log­i­cally. Sam’s exec­u­tives want […]