Falling-Down Cake

Falling-Down Cake” is my child­hood name for Mom’s choco­late cake.

These are Mom's cookbooks (her Joy of Cooking is lost). Note the cigarette burns on the Settlement. The Falling-Down Cake is from last night so it has a fresh snowfall of confectioners sugar. Yeah, its dome was doomed, right out of the oven, as usual.

These are Mom’s cook­books (her Joy of Cook­ing is lost). Note the two cig­a­rette burns on the Set­tle­ment. The Falling-Down Cake is from last night so it has a fresh snow­fall of con­fec­tion­ers sugar. Yeah, its dome was doomed, right out of the oven, as usual.

Mom, as dis­cussed pre­vi­ously, was a cook of post-War vin­tage, the Joy of Cook­ing, The New Set­tle­ment Cook Book and Thoughts for Buf­fets her ref­er­ences, with a hand­ful of index cards copied from her BFF Isabel Marks.

Her week­night choco­late cake — the sin­gle pan sort with pow­dered sugar on top instead of icing — invari­ably dis­ap­pointed her. Nine times of 10 it fell. Mom would present it to the table with an embar­rassed grin and announce it “tastes just as good” as if the mid­dle stayed even or higher than the edges. As a tod­dler I called it Falling-Down Cake, which stuck.

In my whole-grain vegan diet I con­tinue to build a go-to index of every­day recipes, really easy and from the pantry. Dessert is the weak­est cat­e­gory. Thir­teen months ago I found a great one, Read More

Debatable? Indeed.

A full-scale, live tele­vi­sion can­di­date debate just may be the pin­na­cle of unscripted yet pre­dictable “real­ity TV,” with a local exam­ple as proof. It was a cir­cus of tamed ani­mals, no clowns. On Tues­day, Oct. 14, incum­bent Demo­c­ra­tic U.S. Sen. Mark Pryor faced Repub­li­can U.S. Rep. Tom Cot­ton at a Uni­ver­sity of Arkansas audi­to­rium. Below […]

#nsnc14dc: Crafting Columns, Getting Them Known

WASHINGTON, D.C. — Why were we here, besides for our writer friends and some sight­see­ing? To get bet­ter. Speak­ers at the 2014 con­fer­ence of the National Soci­ety of News­pa­per Colum­nists dis­cussed pol­i­tics, gov­ern­ment and his­tory, but the focus was on devel­op­ment of our skills. Hence, two wrap-up pieces. I tried to live-tweet a lot except […]

#nsnc14dc: Columnists in the Capital & Beyond

WASHINGTON, D.C. — Speak­ers at the 38th annual con­fer­ence of the National Soci­ety of News­pa­per Colum­nists could be sep­a­rated into two gen­eral top­ics, with over­lap: Some focused on Wash­ing­ton and cap­i­tal news, and oth­ers on devel­op­ing of craft­ing and mar­ket­ing columns. Hence, two sto­ries. I took a lot of notes and live-tweeted, except when I […]

Puttanesca Off Line

This pasta sauce says sum­mer to me louder than gaz­pa­cho soup. If you’re des­per­ate for hot weather, this’ll be almost as good with canned toma­toes and dried basil. The tem­per­a­ture con­trast between room tem­per­a­ture sauce and steam­ing pasta is delib­er­ate. Here’s a quote from a 1985 news­pa­per recipe by Arthur “Food Maven” Schwartz: “Some uncooked pasta […]

Principles of Journalism Pay

I have a real full-time job, near ideal actu­ally, its long title notwith­stand­ing. On June 12, I signed a for­mal offer to serve as 2014–15 Interim Assis­tant Direc­tor of the Uni­ver­sity of Arkansas Cen­ter for Ethics in Jour­nal­ism and Instruc­tor of Jour­nal­ism. It com­prises the same respon­si­bil­i­ties and term as assis­tant direc­tor, with­out the “interim,” […]

A C Note

We asked for it so I can’t com­plain. We dined out to cel­e­brate. It would so kill the mood to ask what’s an add-on and what comes-with on each and every item, so we didn’t. Boy, did I pay for it. Here is a cau­tion to near-vegans and veg­ans, like My Beloved and me. All the pasta/risotto […]

Fingerholds on a Slippery Slope

It’s a busi­ness meet­ing with two 30-something women I’ve never met, the wrong place to bring up any­thing per­sonal. I know that. The hour is near­ing an end. Nearly all the seri­ous stuff is done. This is actu­ally a del­i­cate moment. Things can be screwed up moments before all is said and done. One of the women […]

Tall Lady Short but Sound

It’s unfair to say one feels let down by a free pro­gram. It’s more unrea­son­able to feel let down by a non-performer’s per­for­mance. Alas, sev­eral of us did; I asked around after­ward. Writer Joyce Carol Oates, 75, still teach­ing at Prince­ton and other cam­puses, was fas­ci­nat­ing for her 45 min­utes onstage at the Fayet­teville Town […]

Tasty Homemade Matzo

This matzo recipe tastes way bet­ter than a box. That’s the joke about store­bought matzo, the unleav­ened bread eaten instead of con­ven­tional yeast or bak­ing soda/powder loaves or other baked goods dur­ing the Jew­ish hol­i­day of Passover. Yet I’ve always liked matzo, and factory-made does taste far bet­ter than card­board. Home­made isn’t dif­fi­cult, though takes […]