A Panel on Ethics for Columnists, Other Writers

Here are links, anno­tated, men­tioned in my por­tion of a Panel on Ethics at the 39th annual con­fer­ence of the National Soci­ety of News­pa­per Colum­nists, in Indianapolis.

Ben Pollock (left) and Steve Keys, executive director of Indiana's Hoosier State Press Association, discuss ethical issues for columnists and others Friday, June 26, 2015, at the 39th annual conference of the National Society of Newspaper Columnists. It met at The Alexander in Indianapolis. Photo by Dan St. Yves.

Ben Pol­lock (left) and Steve Key, exec­u­tive direc­tor of Indiana’s Hoosier State Press Asso­ci­a­tion, dis­cuss ethics June 26, 2015, in Indi­anapo­lis at the annual con­fer­ence of the National Soci­ety of News­pa­per Colum­nists. Photo by Dan St. Yves.

These were pre­pared with the assump­tion the room would have a pro­jec­tor etc. Wrong. I had a Plan B — always have a Plan B as well as a C — so the pro­gram went well. I did not have slides but web­sites to show. Links to them might be of inter­est to those attend­ing and others.

The other pan­elist was Steve Key, exec­u­tive direc­tor of Indiana’s Hoosier State Press Asso­ci­a­tion. He is well-versed in all sorts of jour­nal­is­tic con­cerns — he’s an attor­ney and a for­mer news reporter — and a clear and engag­ing speaker.

Here is my bio from the con­fer­ence pro­gram: “Ben Pol­lock has had a 3 1/2-decade jour­nal­ism career, includ­ing stints as colum­nist, edi­to­r­ial page edi­tor, copy edi­tor, metro edi­tor, reporter and page designer, mainly in news­pa­pers. As a free­lancer, he has been a reporter and edi­tor as well as a web designer and con­tent man­ager. Ben was 2010-12 NSNC pres­i­dent and now serves as the society’s direc­tor of media. He was 2014–15 interim assis­tant direc­tor of the new Uni­ver­sity of Arkansas Cen­ter for Ethics in Jour­nal­ism. He lives near the Fayet­teville cam­pus with his wife.”

OK, let’s watch a lit­tle TV

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Hang Separately

Amer­ica is not a nice coun­try. Hardly any of the other coun­tries think so. If they say the U.S. is a nice nation, that’s for show, to stay on our good side. It’s just to be nice. We are a nation led by elected offi­cials, often com­pro­mised by “con­tri­bu­tions,” as we call them. We are a nation […]

Losing My Neighbor Miller Williams

Of course I’d known of him, Miller Williams. In the 1990s, liv­ing in Lit­tle Rock, I was relearn­ing how to read verse. He was an Arkansas poetry icon, along with Maya Angelou and John Gould Fletcher. We claim a good share of song­writ­ers as well. Miller died Jan. 1, 2015, at age 84. • • • […]

Snack on Vegan Schnecken

Yes, sch­necken can be veg­a­nized. I wouldn’t be post­ing, but the sweet rolls were a hit at a party Christ­mas after­noon. The friends won’t know the pas­tries were ani­mal free until they read this. The ear­lier recipe, in this Brick “Savor Sch­necken Like a Snail,” was last updated a year ago, and it stands as delicious […]

Ends Do Not Justify Mean

This “119” fight in my home­town could’ve just offended me like the rea­son­able per­son I think I am. But it enrages, rekin­dling a pair of mem­o­ries. While I sup­port full nondis­crim­i­na­tion in my com­mu­nity and coun­try, when pro­posed this sum­mer Fayet­teville Ordi­nance 5703 / Chap­ter 119 Civil Rights Admin­is­tra­tion fell shy. Surely I could retain […]

Bill Cosby: Full Press Court

This week, come­dian Bill Cosby resigned as a trustee of Tem­ple Uni­ver­sity in Philadel­phia, on whose board he sat 32 years. The Philadel­phia Inquirer reports the deci­sion came after a peti­tion drive and other pres­sure on the performer’s alma mater, which fol­lowed a flurry of news this fall on years’-old alle­ga­tions of sex­ual assaults, for which […]

Falling-Down Cake

Falling-Down Cake” is my child­hood name for Mom’s choco­late cake. Mom, as dis­cussed pre­vi­ously, was a cook of post-War vin­tage, the Joy of Cook­ing, The New Set­tle­ment Cook Book and Thoughts for Buf­fets her ref­er­ences, with a hand­ful of index cards copied from her BFF Isabel Marks. Her week­night choco­late cake — the sin­gle pan sort […]

Debatable? Indeed.

A full-scale, live tele­vi­sion can­di­date debate just may be the pin­na­cle of unscripted yet pre­dictable “real­ity TV,” with a local exam­ple as proof. It was a cir­cus of tamed ani­mals, no clowns. On Tues­day, Oct. 14, incum­bent Demo­c­ra­tic U.S. Sen. Mark Pryor faced Repub­li­can U.S. Rep. Tom Cot­ton at a Uni­ver­sity of Arkansas audi­to­rium. Below […]

#nsnc14dc: Crafting Columns, Getting Them Known

WASHINGTON, D.C. — Why were we here, besides for our writer friends and some sight­see­ing? To get bet­ter. Speak­ers at the 2014 con­fer­ence of the National Soci­ety of News­pa­per Colum­nists dis­cussed pol­i­tics, gov­ern­ment and his­tory, but the focus was on devel­op­ment of our skills. Hence, two wrap-up pieces. I tried to live-tweet a lot except […]

#nsnc14dc: Columnists in the Capital & Beyond

WASHINGTON, D.C. — Speak­ers at the 38th annual con­fer­ence of the National Soci­ety of News­pa­per Colum­nists could be sep­a­rated into two gen­eral top­ics, with over­lap: Some focused on Wash­ing­ton and cap­i­tal news, and oth­ers on devel­op­ing of craft­ing and mar­ket­ing columns. Hence, two sto­ries. I took a lot of notes and live-tweeted, except when I […]