Tasty Homemade Matzo

This matzo recipe tastes way bet­ter than a box. That’s the joke about store­bought matzo, the unleav­ened bread eaten instead of con­ven­tional yeast or bak­ing soda/powder loaves or other baked goods dur­ing the Jew­ish hol­i­day of Passover.

Tasty homemade matzo

Tasty home­made matzo

Yet I’ve always liked matzo, and factory-made does taste far bet­ter than card­board. Home­made isn’t dif­fi­cult, though takes a lit­tle time. This is a deli­cious joy to present to guests at a seder table, but be warned: Some Jews pre­fer the super­sized cracker of their child­hood, and oth­ers may want assur­ances of this being not just kosher but kosher-for-Passover that you likely can­not assure. So have con­ven­tional boxes at the ready.

There is another prob­lem: With no leav­en­ing agent or even salt, this recipe may range from crackly crumbly to hard­tack tough. That’s when it first comes out; the next day the con­sis­tency always is a lit­tle different.

Because of this, I always tell guests that my matzo is either the bread of free­dom or the bread of afflic­tion! In any case, the fla­vor is won­der­ful. Read More

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