Losing My Neighbor Miller Williams

Of course I’d known of him, Miller Williams. In the 1990s, liv­ing in Lit­tle Rock, I was relearn­ing how to read verse. He was an Arkansas poetry icon, along with Maya Angelou and John Gould Fletcher. We claim a good share of song­writ­ers as well. Miller died Jan. 1, 2015, at age 84.

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The documentary series "Men & Women of Distinction" of the Arkansas Educational Television Network featured poet Miller Williams. The half-hour video was premiered in November 2010 at the University of Arkansas Global Campus auditorium in Fayetteville. Afterward, Williams was congratulated during a reception and posed for pictures. Here, Ben Pollock (from left), Christy Pollock, Miller Williams, Crescent Dragonwagon and Amy Wilson. Photo by Dwain Cromwell

The doc­u­men­tary series Men & Women of Dis­tinc­tion on the Arkansas Edu­ca­tional Tele­vi­sion Net­work fea­tured poet Miller Williams. The half-hour video was pre­miered in Novem­ber 2010 at the Uni­ver­sity of Arkansas Global Cam­pus in Fayet­teville. After­ward, Williams was con­grat­u­lated dur­ing a recep­tion and posed for pic­tures. Here, Ben Pol­lock (from left), Christy Pol­lock, Miller Williams, Cres­cent Drag­onwagon and Amy Wil­son.
Photo by Dwain Cromwell

In early 1999, My Beloved and I found our offer accepted on a 1961 house in Fayet­teville, under a mile north­west of the Uni­ver­sity. The own­ers, Jake and Carol, were mov­ing to a condo in town, he hav­ing retired as an agri­cul­ture pro­fes­sor. We came over to meet them. The women talked, and Jake led me out the front door. Lean­ing against the iron rail­ing of the nar­row porch, Jake pointed across the street. “Aren’t you a word guy, since you work in news­pa­pers?” Jake asked. “You ever heard of Miller Williams? That’s his house.”

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A few weeks later, I’m climb­ing down from the attic, whose door is in the carport’s ceil­ing, where I’d been stor­ing now-empty boxes. A bald­ing man with a trim gray beard is stand­ing there. I jump. “I didn’t mean to star­tle you, I’m Miller. We live kiddy-cornered from you. Jor­dan thought you could use these. [It was a paper plate of home­made cook­ies and two cold sodas.] We didn’t know what you liked so I chose a can of Coke and one a Sprite. Come over any­time. We have wine about 5.”

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Snack on Vegan Schnecken

Yes, sch­necken can be veg­a­nized. I wouldn’t be post­ing, but the sweet rolls were a hit at a party Christ­mas after­noon. The friends won’t know the pas­tries were ani­mal free until they read this. The ear­lier recipe, in this Brick “Savor Sch­necken Like a Snail,” was last updated a year ago, and it stands as delicious […]

Ends Do Not Justify Mean

This “119” fight in my home­town could’ve just offended me like the rea­son­able per­son I think I am. But it enrages, rekin­dling a pair of mem­o­ries. While I sup­port full nondis­crim­i­na­tion in my com­mu­nity and coun­try, when pro­posed this sum­mer Fayet­teville Ordi­nance 5703 / Chap­ter 119 Civil Rights Admin­is­tra­tion fell shy. Surely I could retain […]

Falling-Down Cake

Falling-Down Cake” is my child­hood name for Mom’s choco­late cake. Mom, as dis­cussed pre­vi­ously, was a cook of post-War vin­tage, the Joy of Cook­ing, The New Set­tle­ment Cook Book and Thoughts for Buf­fets her ref­er­ences, with a hand­ful of index cards copied from her BFF Isabel Marks. Her week­night choco­late cake — the sin­gle pan sort […]

Debatable? Indeed.

A full-scale, live tele­vi­sion can­di­date debate just may be the pin­na­cle of unscripted yet pre­dictable “real­ity TV,” with a local exam­ple as proof. It was a cir­cus of tamed ani­mals, no clowns. On Tues­day, Oct. 14, incum­bent Demo­c­ra­tic U.S. Sen. Mark Pryor faced Repub­li­can U.S. Rep. Tom Cot­ton at a Uni­ver­sity of Arkansas audi­to­rium. Below […]

#nsnc14dc: Crafting Columns, Getting Them Known

WASHINGTON, D.C. — Why were we here, besides for our writer friends and some sight­see­ing? To get bet­ter. Speak­ers at the 2014 con­fer­ence of the National Soci­ety of News­pa­per Colum­nists dis­cussed pol­i­tics, gov­ern­ment and his­tory, but the focus was on devel­op­ment of our skills. Hence, two wrap-up pieces. I tried to live-tweet a lot except […]

#nsnc14dc: Columnists in the Capital & Beyond

WASHINGTON, D.C. — Speak­ers at the 38th annual con­fer­ence of the National Soci­ety of News­pa­per Colum­nists could be sep­a­rated into two gen­eral top­ics, with over­lap: Some focused on Wash­ing­ton and cap­i­tal news, and oth­ers on devel­op­ing of craft­ing and mar­ket­ing columns. Hence, two sto­ries. I took a lot of notes and live-tweeted, except when I […]

Puttanesca Off Line

This pasta sauce says sum­mer to me louder than gaz­pa­cho soup. If you’re des­per­ate for hot weather, this’ll be almost as good with canned toma­toes and dried basil. The tem­per­a­ture con­trast between room tem­per­a­ture sauce and steam­ing pasta is delib­er­ate. Here’s a quote from a 1985 news­pa­per recipe by Arthur “Food Maven” Schwartz: “Some uncooked pasta […]

Principles of Journalism Pay

I have a real full-time job, near ideal actu­ally, its long title notwith­stand­ing. On June 12, I signed a for­mal offer to serve as 2014–15 Interim Assis­tant Direc­tor of the Uni­ver­sity of Arkansas Cen­ter for Ethics in Jour­nal­ism and Instruc­tor of Jour­nal­ism. It com­prises the same respon­si­bil­i­ties and term as assis­tant direc­tor, with­out the “interim,” […]

A C Note

We asked for it so I can’t com­plain. We dined out to cel­e­brate. It would so kill the mood to ask what’s an add-on and what comes-with on each and every item, so we didn’t. Boy, did I pay for it. Here is a cau­tion to near-vegans and veg­ans, like My Beloved and me. All the pasta/risotto […]