Mirthology: A Loose Leaflet of Ben Pollock

Page One
This site’s a repository for my prose
if not poesy.
With luck, you’ll enjoy its facets in repose;
please, get cozy.

Will you be underwhelmed by this mass?
My ego finds that derogatory.
I must suppose, as tastes differ, you might pass
taking up this suppository.

Throw me a bone about this doggerel,
My aim immodest but accuracy a quarrel.

Acme Brick Company sample
Click on these bricks for Brick: Muse on News, my blog.

This main site began as an archive of my newspaper columns. It now includes a web design portfolio and WordPress 101 seminar materials I’ve taught at WordCamps. Oh, and a bit on vegan cooking. Contact me if you wish via this form.

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