WordPress 101 for 2017

The Twos Chart for the 2017 WordPress 101
Many aspects of WordPress, if not lots of websites, can be paired.

Following are links to material summarizing my one-hour “WordPress 101” at the 2017 Fayetteville WordCamp, July 21-23.

The session — an introductory beginners class — covers the basics of using WordPress to create blogs and other websites for personal and business projects. This year, demonstrations are conducted in both WordPress.com and WordPress.org to create a site, activate a theme, do basic customization, then publish pages and posts.

The teaching materials may be of interest, both to participants and to others:

  • Outline of my talk — Using slide numbers rather than outline I, II, III, A, B, C
  • Slide Set — Beginning with The Twos table above, the PowerPoint files introduce the material I then demonstrate on a browser, The example website, Croquet Fan’s Croquet Club, while online is not real, just for use in the live demos.
  • Copy for Site — These texts comprise the copy that I cut-and-pasted for the demonstration, plus a few websites of interest.

The press release for #wcfay 2017 gives details of the overall weekend, held at the Donald W. Reynolds Center for Enterprise Development at the University of Arkansas.  The above was conducted 10-10:50 a.m. Saturday, July 22. A panel discussion 4-4:50 p.m., “WordPress 101 Wrap-Up,” moderated by me, gave participants a wide range of local experts to answer any website question.



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