WordPress 101 for 2014

The logo for the 2013 Fayetteville Wordcamp
The logo for the 2013 Fayetteville Wordcamp

Here are several pages summarizing my hour at the 2014 Fayetteville WordCamp, “Quick & Easy WordPress.com.”

The session — it’s a introductory “101” beginners class — covers the basics of using WordPress to create — for free — both blogs and conventional websites for personal and business projects. WordPress.com is the basis of my demonstrations to create a site then create individual pages and posts. WordPress.org details are integrated into the presentation.

Related to the Quick and Easy presentation:

  • Outline for Introduction and Demonstration, covering blog, blog. vs. website, WP.com vs. WP.org, static vs. dynamic web files, pages vs. posts. Then general site creation points.
  • Bibliography, recommended online articles and a book or two.
  • The following three links will open as PDFs when you click on them:
  1. Introductory slides, quotes and website examples. I used a few interesting quotes and a few home page images.
  2. The Demo: Creating and finessing a website on WordPress.com. This is a large file with 45 slides so it’ll take a minute to download. The discussions range from creating a WordPress.com account to changing to a static home page, to make your blog a full website.
  3. Embedded Video Posting. A few slides explain using YouTube, Vimeo or a similar service to host your videos, then post a little screen on your post or page. It’s sharp looking and it’s free.

The example website, http://croquetfan.wordpress.com is live, not real, but is online — the site created for this class.

You may want to see some of my other sites, as examples:

Below is the first 22 minutes of this 2013 session, the introduction.  If the rest of the hour is made available, it will be linked here. It was not available as of October 2013. This is similar to my presentations in 2012 and 2014.


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