Birdberg Blotter: Intruders watch TV

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Caller at 1207 Sherlock Ave. reported a burglary, with the intruders watching television inside the house. Caller said suspects must have escaped out large, open window with ripped screen as he entered through back door. Was sure TV off when he went to work, but DVD of Woody Woodpecker cartoons was still on when officers arrived. He is sure he does not own such a disk.

Birdberg Blotter: Tea, plants taken

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Woman at 114 N. School St. reported drinks and plants taken from her apartment. Drink was Southern sweet tea — pitcher still had inch of beverage, which patrolman sampled for authenticity because test kit was back in the car. Complainant vowed pitcher full last night and that she accidentally left it on kitchen counter instead of ice box.

Missing plants included magnolia, hickory and grapevines she was trying to root.