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Blog-like blogs here. Short, even prattle. Hence, this folder of brief miscellany.

Vuvuzela Monologues

As long as soccer’s World Cup has made the vuvuzela sta­dium noise­maker a com­mon word in Amer­ica, Brick wants to horn in on its ubiq­uity for a new series of short takes. Today, it’s skin and drama. • • • Speak­ing of vuvuzela, one rash has come home to roost, on my left fore­arm. Until the most […]

Japery and Ivory

DATELINE MIRTHOLOGY — You expect gov­ern­ment to be naive some­times, but some promi­nent research uni­ver­si­ties — that’s you, Cor­nell — treat ani­mals like bird­brains. This week, they for­mally gave up on find­ing the ivory-billed wood­pecker. This was reported in the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette, which for a half-decade has kept a spe­cial projects team just for hard-hitting […]

Absence Makes Blogs Shorter

Brick has been spo­radic for some weeks. With luck, it will be more active in Decem­ber. Want an excuse? How about National Novel Writ­ing Month. It’s 50,000 words to cre­ate a first draft of a novel (around a 200-page book) in 30 days. Novem­ber is the one. My third try, and I went past 50,000 […]

Turning the Economy Takes Time

Appar­ently, it’s not just the banks. It’s not just the automak­ers. Not just the news­pa­pers. This, from today’s Wall Street Jour­nal: Shop­pers con­tinue to pare back spend­ing even on basic house­hold sta­ples, result­ing in lower-than-expected sales for Proc­ter & Gam­ble Co. and Colgate-Palmolive Co. The consumer-products giants are respond­ing by rais­ing prices to keep prof­its from […]

Blog, Column Contest Ends Sunday

The 2009 dead­line of a long-running column-writing con­test, now open to blog­gers, is less than a week away. Entries for the seven cat­e­gories of the annual con­test of the National Soci­ety of News­pa­per Colum­nists need to have a post­mark — or time-stamp — of Sun­day, March 15. Five of the cat­e­gories are tra­di­tional: humor and general-interest […]

On the Wall

Should I get back into more fre­quent or even reg­u­lar Brick post­ings, it will be in part because of wak­ing today to an image of the artis­tic cave­man. It may have been the last scene of an oth­er­wise for­got­ten dream, or just an iso­lated visual, con­jured just before sit­ting up. The fel­low chooses a charred stick […]

I’m just saying, I’m just saying

Copy­right 2008 Ben S. Pol­lock An eval­u­a­tion of the run-off can­di­dates for mayor of Fayet­teville, Arkansas. The elec­tion is Tues­day the 25th, and early vot­ing is under way. Though not today: The cour­t­house is closed. Brick never makes endorse­ments. Still, com­ments I’ve avoided should be made. The incum­bent Dan Coody wants a third four-year term […]

The Server Ate September

OK, kids, here’s a les­son — back up even files other enti­ties are sav­ing for you. Here’s what I learned from my ser­vice, Host­ing Mat­ters: The pri­mary drive on this server failed over the week­end, and all sites were restored [on Sept. 22] from the last error-free backup, from Aug 29, which would account for […]

Where Has September Gone?

That’s what I’d like to know. Some­time in the last cou­ple of days, all of the Brick essays I pub­lished in Sep­tem­ber have dis­ap­peared. Pok­ing around my Web site indi­cates that the prob­lem orig­i­nates not with Word­Press but Host­ing Mat­ters, which oper­ates my domain over­all. This post­ing serves first as a test for whomever might […]

Don’t Stop the Presses

Copy­right 2008 Ben S. Pol­lock I’m not nearly old enough to say I’ve seen it all, or even seen a lot. But when I worked there, my col­lege news­pa­per, The Stan­ford Daily, had a noisy Tele­type for AP and UPI sto­ries, com­plete with increas­ing num­bers of bells to rate degrees of break­ing news. My first […]