Monthly Archives: March 2011

Hail to The Chieftains

Before The Chief­tains review — which it’s not, because I lost my Lamy Al-Star pen fol­low­ing a dis­as­ter of a restau­rant meal so I couldn’t take notes — a round­about. I try to be a jack of all jour­nal­ism tricks. I even cov­ered a lec­ture and poetry read­ing by ex-NBA star Tom Mesch­ery in about […]

Point the Way, Bruce Walker

Attend­ing the musi­cal wake of Bruce D. Walker on Sun­day brought up a lot of sad­ness in the midst of so many cheer­ful tunes by local song­sters. Stand­ing in sev­eral of the eight cor­ners of George’s Majes­tic Lounge (front bar/stage and gar­den bar/stage) I saw danc­ing and clap­ping and heard hoots and whoops. Embrac­ing the […]

Not Going Anywhere

The fol­low­ing is my president’s col­umn for the March 2011 edi­tion of the monthly newslet­ter of the National Soci­ety of News­pa­per Colum­nists An NSNC friend e-mailed links to farewell pieces that a cou­ple of just-downsized colum­nists were allowed to pub­lish. That oppor­tu­nity isn’t always granted. Atyp­i­cally, he didn’t add his opin­ion, which made my impression […]