Introduction, a Look Back

BACK HOME — Is it live, or is it Memorex? went the commercial. Blogs are Memorex, just like newspapers, sitcoms and National Public Radio. We all have smoke charges hidden in our cuffs. The windows on the set are mirrors.

Morning newspapers are made to look like they are reported and printed simultaneously and at midnight. “Laughs before a live studio audience” are helped with applause signs. Even quality broadcast news is not all, or mostly, “live.” a few months ago compiled some published statements of an actor and called it his blog. When critics called that a deception, staff removed the essay. Hey, these were comments on record, and apparently no skimping on context: He meant what he said then and later.

If I were to post comments about my vacation, one of whose highlights was the Fourth of July in national birthplace Boston, yet with today’s date, you’d be confused. Fortunately, my WordPress and other blogging services allow you to predate or postdate entries.

This series comprises daily essays — not that everything that happened was equally noteworthy to my wife and me, nor should each day be of interest to you — published in my desire to not forget that we found value in adventures big and small, and that we eventually may put the misadventures in perspective.

If you think that my Independence Day blog was written after the Pops and fireworks yet before midnight 7/4, fine. I did take notes during the show and later on the subway to the hotel. But I wrote them up a few hours ago today. Whenever today is. -30-

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