The G (rated) spot

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Not tonight, dear, this is a G-rated spot

Friday, November. 11, 2005. Michael Scherer,’s Washington correspondent, reported today on a hearing conducted Thursday by the Senate’s Subcommittee on the Constitution, Civil Rights and Property Rights. A writer named Pamela Paul testified, quoted as having said the following: “‘If they [some married men] go to their wives, well, just practically speaking, they have to make sure they have done all of the chores around the house they were supposed to do. They need to have a half-an-hour conversation about what they did that day,’ said Paul. This courtship could take up to an hour and a half. By contrast, she said, it takes ‘five minutes to go online.'”

I’m taking a cue from James Lileks, who avoids certain words and phrases so his Web site can stay G-rated, so her subject will not found here. (Lileks does create racy commentary cleverly, but that’s not the plan for this Brick.) Paul has written a few books, the most recent of which must be the reason for her being called to Washington. So, read its write-up on to fill in the context.

The implications for American society may be vital. I’m not sure how provable in a social-science context her thesis is, but it warrants more debate as well as serious research and study. Or to avoid the labor, we might just say, that is the way it is today, and we’re all managing our lives and relationships as well as ever — which ain’t saying much — so let’s move on.

Postscript. The current online edition of the Washington Post book section reviews Paul’s book. So she’s the “it” expert, though the newspaper write-up has some problems with her work. -30-

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